Series II
1.057,004.866,00 (IVA incluido) Select options

Series II

1.057,004.866,00 (IVA incluido)


    UNE EN-1143-1 GRADO II

    UNE EN-15659 GRADO LFS 30P

    Series of newly designed safes certified according to UNE EN-1143-1 Grade II and certified against fire according to UNE EN-15659 Grade LFS 30 P (*), i.e. for 30 min. without exceeding 170ºC inside.

    Perfect for your home or business.

    They are offered in 5 different versions in terms of closure types.

    * Currently the UNE EN-15659 Grade LFS 30 P certification is only available for the AM-25 size, soon for the rest of sizes.



  • Tienda de cajas fuertes con servicio completo
  • Pago 100% seguro
  • Servicio de instalación profesional y certificado
  • Envío gratuita a partir de €300,-


  • Door and box 50 mm. thick.
  • Floor anchor drill hole and M-12 (50 kN) anchor, included.
  • Anti-drill armor.
  • Re-blocking in case of attack.
  • Crank operation with 12 rotating pins Ø 25 mm: 4+4 lateral, 2 top and 2 bottom.
  • The AM-8, AM-85, AM-9, AM-95 and AM-10 models have 16 Ø 25 mm balls: 5+5 lateral, 3 upper and 3 lower.
  • The AM-1 model has 8 Ø 25 mm balls: 2+2 lateral, 2 upper and 2 lower.
  • Anti-tip shelves, height adjustable for all sizes except AM-1
  • Passive protection against fire, by means of intumescent gasket in the door.
  • Color Ral Design 000 35 00.

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