Serie DS
4.161,0012.273,00 (IVA incluido) Select options

Serie DS

4.161,0012.273,00 (IVA incluido)

High security fireproof cabinets to protect sensitive media such as: CD’s, DVD’s, floppy disks, tapes, cartridges, etc. At 55 ºC and above, these media irreparably lose the information they store, so it is essential to be sure that the information stored on them is not lost. security that these fireproof cabinets Therefore, it is essential to be sure that these fireproof cabinets have the maximum guarantees and have passed the most rigorous tests. They reproduce the extreme conditions of an accident in which the fireproof cabinet is fireproof cabinet reaches temperatures in excess of 1000 ºC. The NT FIRE 017-60 Data Certification guarantees total protection for 60 minutes against fire, humidity, dust and magnetic fields. At the same time, these security cabinets have the UNE EN-14450 Grade S2 Certification, which means that they have been subjected to attacks similar to those that can cause a thief, overcoming them completely.

  • Tienda de cajas fuertes con servicio completo
  • Pago 100% seguro
  • Servicio de instalación profesional y certificado
  • Envío gratuita a partir de €300,-


  • Cabinet with 60 mm thick walls.
  • 110 mm thick door.
  • Electronic combination “La Gard Combogard 39 E 3040/3750”. Approvals: VdS Klasse 2 / EN 1300 Class B / a2p Niveau BE
  • Drill holes for anchoring to the ground.
  • 180º door opening.
  • Anti-drill armor.
  • Re-blocking in case of attack.
  • Operation by means of a crank with 5 bolts of Ø 25 mm: 3 lateral, 1 upper and 1 lower.
  • Height adjustable shelves.
  • Finished in phosphating primer and painted in polyurethane. Colors to choose: Ral 7035 or Ral 7024.

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