The CASHSAFE Series is a powerful banknote entry and validation system. The perfect complement to the OLLE professional box series.

CASHSAFE controls the authenticity of the banknotes and places them safely inside the safe, combined with the recognition of the user who has made the deposit.

The management software allows the recording of activity, accounting and revenue balancing, with the possibility of generating distinctions by value, ticket and quantity. It uses a state-of-the-art bill validator, ideal for high-volume applications, and features anti-fishing technology that is well suited to fraud and tampering.

Centralized control through a web application, which can be accessed through a generic browser via Ethernet. It allows real-time access to the different terminals that are configured and can display detailed information on the status of the peripherals, accounting status, alerts and incidents, as well as interact with each of the terminals. It will also be possible to access the configuration of web users and their permissions, as well as a history at the network level of terminals, which will allow a global view of all transactions and alarms occurring within the network.

  • Tienda de cajas fuertes con servicio completo
  • Pago 100% seguro
  • Servicio de instalación profesional y certificado
  • Envío gratuita a partir de €300,-


  • High security validator.

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